It’s my birthday!

And I’m gonna live it up!

So far I made myself homemade waffles. And I’m working on a red velvet birthday cake with cream cheese frosting.
Next the fam is going to spend the whole day at the pool.
For dinner….the best place on earth….Maddox! Yummy chicken.
Off to celebrate!


Summer is my favorite season. I love the warm weather, the long days, the chilled out attitude. I don’t know if it’s because I’m a summer baby. Or that I’m a Leo and supposedly we’re ruled by the sun. Or if it’s because summer is the only season where my asthma isn’t bothered by the cold and/or wet weather. Here is my list of reason why I love summer.

1 – Flip flops. I love just throwing them on and running out the door.
2 – No coats. It’s so easy to leave the house when I’m not finding 3 coats, 3 pairs of snow boots, 3 knit hats, 3 pairs of gloves, for my 3 children. Not to mention my own.
3 – I can leave my house without the fear of contracting pneumonia and ending up in the hospital.
4 – Long walks outside instead of inside on a boring old treadmill or elliptical.
5 – It doesn’t get dark until late. Really late.
6 – No school for the kids, which means sleeping in for me. And no helping with those blasted homework sheets!
7 – BBQs. I love eating dinner outside in the evening. Not to mention scarfing down hamburgers and potato salad to my heart’s content.
8 – Swimming. I am a total water baby. When I was a little girl I literally spent all summer in my swimsuit. This year I’m spending my entire birthday at a local swim park.
9 – The renewed energy and spirit that summer brings.
10 – Holidays, vacations, being lazy, and just relaxing.
11 – Camping, hiking, fishing, boating, and just enjoying nature.
12 – Our yearly trip to Bear Lake with the fam.
13 – My birthday!
14 – Trips up the hubs’ grandparent’s cabin. I love the quaking Aspens. The sound of the wind as it blows through the leaves is the most relaxing sound on earth.
15 – Popsicles, ice cream, and Creamies.
16 – Fireworks. I especially love the look on my kids’ face when they watch fireworks.
17 – Eating cold cereal and sandwiches for dinner because it’s too hot to cook.
18 – Walks with the fam on Sunday evenings.
19 – Wearing shorts every day.
20 – Running through sprinklers! Even as an adult.
*Edited to add* 21 – Camping up at Black Smith Fork Canyon and tubing down the ice cold river with my favorite cousins. Actually, I love everything about BSFC. The smell of the lilacs, roasting hot dogs and marshmallows over an open fire, visiting with my family, swinging so high on the swings that you can touch the leaves. Aww….good memories.
22 – Watching the joy on my children’s faces because they love summer and are having so much fun every day. I love that they’re making memories. They are so tan right now because they literally spend every waking moment outside. I only see them at meal time. It makes me happy knowing that they’re happy.
What do you love about summer?


Last night I was just playing around with my blog and found this really cute background. Well then I had to change the template for it to match. When I did that I didn’t like my title. So the hubs used his photo-shopping skills and made me a title that I love. He’s still not 100% happy with it, but I love it so I told him to stop messing with it. Anyway, I love the new look of my blog. I feel like it’s so me.

Lose It again – Week 7

You can tell by this post that even though I said I wanted to give up last week, I, in actuality, didn’t. I was upset for a hot minute and then got over it. And as my cousin Jen, one smart cookie, pointed out, when you work really hard one week you typically don’t see the results until the next week or two.

This week I tried really super hard to stay within 1,200 calories a day. And it was hard, but doable. I just really had to plan my meals so I didn’t end up starving at night because I didn’t have the calorie budge for dinner. The only day I totally threw that away and ate what I wanted to was Saturday. I was on a day trip up at Bear Lake and decided that being on a vacation justified a little indulgence. That’s better than a whole week of indulgence!
So this week, despite sticking really close to the 1,200 calorie per day mark most days I still came in 524 calories OVER my weekly budget. Saturday just really did me in ya’ll. Despite that I burned 1,362 calories through exercise. That’s no where near as many calories as I burned last week that was somewhere near the 6,000 mark. I’m trying to stick to my training schedule for the half marathon. Monday I walked 4 miles (and got eaten alive by mosquitoes), Tuesday I did my elliptical for 2 miles (I wanted to go outside but those skeeters scared me away), Wednesday I worked 12 hours, Thursday I rested again, Friday I walked 2 miles (abatement truck came and sprayed the skeeters dead!), and Sunday my friend Kari and I went on a 6 mile walk. We were supposed to do 7 miles but Kari’s calves were killing her and couldn’t walk another mile. And I did that despite having a horrible sunburn from Bear Lake.
So did the hard work of last week and the cutting of calories this week pay off?
I lost 2. 6 pounds!!!!
So my cousin Jen was right. All the hard work from last week and watching my calories like a hawk this week really paid off for me. So you rock, cousin Jen! Thanks to Jen and Chels for reminding me not to give up. Eyes on the prize, baby.
Ok peeps, rock on to week 8.

Hair dilemmas…

I’m having a really hard time deciding which I like better:
Brunette me:

Or blonde me:

Me as of 7/16/10

I like them both. Being brunette really brings out the blue in my eyes. It makes my skin look less pasty white. And I fit in with the rest of my family instead of people asking if I was the mailman’s child (my Mom vehemently denied it saying the mailman at that time was ugly). On the other hand, I’m a natural dark blonde and whenever I try to darken my hair it fades really, really quickly. Ridiculously quick. My stylist has tried every trick she knows and it still fades. On the other hand, I like being blonde. If I say something dumb I can just blame it on the hair color. Sure it might not bring out my eyes at much but I feel like I’m a blonde at heart. I think my hair agrees, otherwise why would it insist on fading? I decided to stop fighting nature and told my stylest to blonde me good and hard.
Maybe I’ll go darker for winter again. Until then I’m going to test things out and see if blondes really do have more fun! I know they don’t because I’ve spent most of my life as one.

I’m judgmental of judgmental people

I am so sick of people judging other people’s life choices. I think I remember a certain man saying “judge ye not, lest ye be judged.” Who was that guy again? Oh yeah, Jesus.

I was talking to a good friend in my old ward recently. Her and her husband are going through a crisis of faith of sorts. They feel like they are only a number at church. Ever since they stopped going to church, do you think anyone in their ward has reached out to them in compassion? Nope, instead people have stopped talking to them, won’t let their kids play with my friend’s kids (one kid even told her daughter that his Mom said her Mom was a bad person), and have been effective in shunning them. They’re really done a great job in proving how un-Christian they truly are. Do you think my friends will ever go back to church now?
I’m also really sick of people who have a certain philosophy on life trying to shove it down others’ throats. A woman I just barely recently met in my neighborhood has decided that because she likes natural home births that every woman should follow her example. She never fails to shove it down other people’s throats at church, in the neighborhood, or on Facebook. I can understand being passionate about something, but lecturing people on how stupid they are for not giving birth the way you want them to just alienates them and makes them defensive.
Now, I’m not saying I’m perfect. I’ve probably been strident in my opinion a time or too. Ok, I know I have. But there is a difference between wanting to live your life a certain way and expecting everyone else to live their lives the way you live yours.
I was talking recently to a woman about the work I do with birthparents. She said something like, “ugh, I can’t imagine working with girls like that.” My response was to tell her that I work with the best woman on earth. It was hard but I left out the “so suck it!” at the end.
Seriously people, just back off. Just because you have certain moral or ethical code doesn’t mean everyone else has the same one. I mean there are certain credos we can all agree as a society that we must live by (no murder, no stealing, no cropped pants that hit mid-calf) but for everything else we need to seriously just live and let live.

Mosquitoes are Evil

Saturday night my friend Kari and I walked 6 miles from her house to my house in the evening. We started about 8:00 and got to my house a little after 10:00. And nary a mosquito bite did we get.

Fast forward to Monday night. My training program said that I needed to do about 4 miles that day. I decided since it was such a beautiful evening, I’d rather enjoy my walk outside instead of in my basement on my elliptical. You see, summer evenings are my favorite. I endure all year long just so I can look forward to a summer evening. There is something magical about a summer evening. I love it when it’s cooled off for the day (luckily it does that in Utah) and the sun is setting. The mountains are lit up with beautiful colors and you truly understand the “purple mountains majesty” part of “America the Beautiful.” I also love how the sun sets over the Great Salt Lake making pink and orange sparkles dance across the water. I love it.
So I basked in the awesomeness that is a summer evening in Utah as I enjoyed my 4 mile walk. As I was rounding the corner to my house at the end of my walk I literally got swarmed by mosquitoes. In the shower that night I counted 40 bites just on my legs. They’re evil I tell you! I kept wondering how they went from non-existent to a legion of thousands in 2 days.
Last night I got home from work and the hubs told me that he was outside helping the young men in our neighborhood paint house numbers on the curbs for a fund raising project for Scouts. My daughter was out there with them and they were only out there for about 30 minutes. My poor daughter went to bed with calamine lotion all over her. I can’t count how many bites she has.
Luckily, last night as I was winding down from a 12 hour day when I heard the abatement truck outside. I’m going to do my walk outside tonight hoping that the truck killed all the pesky little devil suckers. If not, I’m coming home and trudging it out on the elliptical.
And I won’t get to enjoy my summer evening.