Mosquitoes are Evil

Saturday night my friend Kari and I walked 6 miles from her house to my house in the evening. We started about 8:00 and got to my house a little after 10:00. And nary a mosquito bite did we get.

Fast forward to Monday night. My training program said that I needed to do about 4 miles that day. I decided since it was such a beautiful evening, I’d rather enjoy my walk outside instead of in my basement on my elliptical. You see, summer evenings are my favorite. I endure all year long just so I can look forward to a summer evening. There is something magical about a summer evening. I love it when it’s cooled off for the day (luckily it does that in Utah) and the sun is setting. The mountains are lit up with beautiful colors and you truly understand the “purple mountains majesty” part of “America the Beautiful.” I also love how the sun sets over the Great Salt Lake making pink and orange sparkles dance across the water. I love it.
So I basked in the awesomeness that is a summer evening in Utah as I enjoyed my 4 mile walk. As I was rounding the corner to my house at the end of my walk I literally got swarmed by mosquitoes. In the shower that night I counted 40 bites just on my legs. They’re evil I tell you! I kept wondering how they went from non-existent to a legion of thousands in 2 days.
Last night I got home from work and the hubs told me that he was outside helping the young men in our neighborhood paint house numbers on the curbs for a fund raising project for Scouts. My daughter was out there with them and they were only out there for about 30 minutes. My poor daughter went to bed with calamine lotion all over her. I can’t count how many bites she has.
Luckily, last night as I was winding down from a 12 hour day when I heard the abatement truck outside. I’m going to do my walk outside tonight hoping that the truck killed all the pesky little devil suckers. If not, I’m coming home and trudging it out on the elliptical.
And I won’t get to enjoy my summer evening.

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