Hair dilemmas…

I’m having a really hard time deciding which I like better:
Brunette me:

Or blonde me:

Me as of 7/16/10

I like them both. Being brunette really brings out the blue in my eyes. It makes my skin look less pasty white. And I fit in with the rest of my family instead of people asking if I was the mailman’s child (my Mom vehemently denied it saying the mailman at that time was ugly). On the other hand, I’m a natural dark blonde and whenever I try to darken my hair it fades really, really quickly. Ridiculously quick. My stylist has tried every trick she knows and it still fades. On the other hand, I like being blonde. If I say something dumb I can just blame it on the hair color. Sure it might not bring out my eyes at much but I feel like I’m a blonde at heart. I think my hair agrees, otherwise why would it insist on fading? I decided to stop fighting nature and told my stylest to blonde me good and hard.
Maybe I’ll go darker for winter again. Until then I’m going to test things out and see if blondes really do have more fun! I know they don’t because I’ve spent most of my life as one.

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