I’m judgmental of judgmental people

I am so sick of people judging other people’s life choices. I think I remember a certain man saying “judge ye not, lest ye be judged.” Who was that guy again? Oh yeah, Jesus.

I was talking to a good friend in my old ward recently. Her and her husband are going through a crisis of faith of sorts. They feel like they are only a number at church. Ever since they stopped going to church, do you think anyone in their ward has reached out to them in compassion? Nope, instead people have stopped talking to them, won’t let their kids play with my friend’s kids (one kid even told her daughter that his Mom said her Mom was a bad person), and have been effective in shunning them. They’re really done a great job in proving how un-Christian they truly are. Do you think my friends will ever go back to church now?
I’m also really sick of people who have a certain philosophy on life trying to shove it down others’ throats. A woman I just barely recently met in my neighborhood has decided that because she likes natural home births that every woman should follow her example. She never fails to shove it down other people’s throats at church, in the neighborhood, or on Facebook. I can understand being passionate about something, but lecturing people on how stupid they are for not giving birth the way you want them to just alienates them and makes them defensive.
Now, I’m not saying I’m perfect. I’ve probably been strident in my opinion a time or too. Ok, I know I have. But there is a difference between wanting to live your life a certain way and expecting everyone else to live their lives the way you live yours.
I was talking recently to a woman about the work I do with birthparents. She said something like, “ugh, I can’t imagine working with girls like that.” My response was to tell her that I work with the best woman on earth. It was hard but I left out the “so suck it!” at the end.
Seriously people, just back off. Just because you have certain moral or ethical code doesn’t mean everyone else has the same one. I mean there are certain credos we can all agree as a society that we must live by (no murder, no stealing, no cropped pants that hit mid-calf) but for everything else we need to seriously just live and let live.

5 thoughts on “I’m judgmental of judgmental people

  1. Ha ha! I just threw that in to be funny. I have a few pairs myself! I love them even though Stacy and Clinton have lectured the masses time and time again against them.

  2. Wait, wait, wait…when you say "cropped" do you mean cut short, as in capris? Or tapered, like with an elastic band around your calf? Cuz I agree that the latter are hideous. I was wearing the former. If you did, in fact, mean the former, then I guess I am truly a walking fashion faux-pas!

  3. I really like this post! I totally feel the same way. And the sad thing is- so many people are like that. But you? You're a good egg. Love ya!

  4. Tapered with an elastic band?! Ew! I definitely meant cut mid-calf with no elastic. Stacy and Clinton say never to wear something that cuts you off in the widest part of the calf. While I tend to agree (who wants to look short and stumpy) they don't realize us Mo's have limited fashion choices. And yes, I've watched entirely too much "What not to Wear" in my life.

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