Lose It again – Week 7

You can tell by this post that even though I said I wanted to give up last week, I, in actuality, didn’t. I was upset for a hot minute and then got over it. And as my cousin Jen, one smart cookie, pointed out, when you work really hard one week you typically don’t see the results until the next week or two.

This week I tried really super hard to stay within 1,200 calories a day. And it was hard, but doable. I just really had to plan my meals so I didn’t end up starving at night because I didn’t have the calorie budge for dinner. The only day I totally threw that away and ate what I wanted to was Saturday. I was on a day trip up at Bear Lake and decided that being on a vacation justified a little indulgence. That’s better than a whole week of indulgence!
So this week, despite sticking really close to the 1,200 calorie per day mark most days I still came in 524 calories OVER my weekly budget. Saturday just really did me in ya’ll. Despite that I burned 1,362 calories through exercise. That’s no where near as many calories as I burned last week that was somewhere near the 6,000 mark. I’m trying to stick to my training schedule for the half marathon. Monday I walked 4 miles (and got eaten alive by mosquitoes), Tuesday I did my elliptical for 2 miles (I wanted to go outside but those skeeters scared me away), Wednesday I worked 12 hours, Thursday I rested again, Friday I walked 2 miles (abatement truck came and sprayed the skeeters dead!), and Sunday my friend Kari and I went on a 6 mile walk. We were supposed to do 7 miles but Kari’s calves were killing her and couldn’t walk another mile. And I did that despite having a horrible sunburn from Bear Lake.
So did the hard work of last week and the cutting of calories this week pay off?
I lost 2. 6 pounds!!!!
So my cousin Jen was right. All the hard work from last week and watching my calories like a hawk this week really paid off for me. So you rock, cousin Jen! Thanks to Jen and Chels for reminding me not to give up. Eyes on the prize, baby.
Ok peeps, rock on to week 8.

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