MyNetDiary – Week 2

My second week on MyNetDiary was a fail! I stopped logging about Wednesday-ish again. The kids started back to school on Wednesday and we had Back to School night and a stake swimming party. Friday night my friend Kari and I drove up to Logan to pick up our packets for the Top of Utah Half Marathon. Well, we’re marathon drop-outs. We gave our two bibs to two of her friends who actually wanted to do the race, were trained up for the race, and weren’t able to sign up in time. I’d rather give my bib to someone who is ready and excited about a race, than do a race begrudgingly and only out of obligation. But we already booked and paid for our hotel room so instead we had a mini-friend-cation. Saturday we got massages, a pedicure, and went shopping. On our way home we ate our mutual favorite restaurant, Maddox. Oh yummy corn pones. It was relaxing and fun and just the rejuvenation I needed. I laughed so hard my sides ached afterwards.

So yeah, I didn’t really log much or stick to my calorie plan or even exercise. I’m a bad bad Rissa. One thing I have learned from MND so far is that I’m not incorporating enough fiber into my breakfast choices so now I’m thinking of ways I can do this.
Since this week is less crazy, I’m hoping to get back on track. Except that this coming weekend is Labor Day and I might have to have a last hurrah of the summer.
On to week 3, bleeps.

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