I don’t jump on Bandwagons

Which is why I’ve never read
The Harry Potter series
The Twilight series
or now
The Hunger Games series
…And you can’t make me!!!

4 thoughts on “I don’t jump on Bandwagons

  1. ROFL… understood! One of the main problems with people being all hyped up over a book series is the fact that they then glorify it to the point it can never live up to the expectations put on it. BookFail

  2. Twilight? Meh, don't waste your time; they're not that great.Harry Potter? Loved them, if you ever change your mind you can borrow my copies.Hunger Games? Haven't read them yet…but I can hear the bandwagon a'comin' and I think I'm about to jump on! 🙂

  3. That's why you need to read well-reviewed books as soon as you get the chance, instead of putting it off until there's a huge fan-base and you have to avoid some pretty good literature in order to not appear to be a follower. I didn't read Harry Potter until they were all out, though, so as to avoid the wait between book releases. Then is was as if I was following the crowd. I guess the best bet is to wait a few years before you read them, but you may want to read the Hunger Games series before you let your kids read them, just to have a good idea what they are about and whether your kids are ready for them or not. Some seriously heavy subjects there.

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