MyNetDiary – Week 3

This week was another big fat fail on MND. And it’s because I’m sick. Sick, sick, sick, sick. Sick as a dog. Wednesday I got a call at work right before staff meeting that my daughter was being sent home sick from school. I had noticed that the toddler had a very phlegmy cough the day before. Around noon, I wish I could have gone home from work because I felt the beginnings of a cold. But nope, I stayed there for 9 more hours.

I came home from work that night and have been in my pajamas ever since. Two kids and a sick mom…not fun. I’ve drinking lots of liquids like you’re supposed to and resting. That’s what I did this week. So yeah, I didn’t really work the program, but I took care of myself and the two sick littles and I’m started to feel a little bit better today.
One thing I’m still having a problem with is incorporating enough fiber into my breakfast. I’m going to have to start eating lots of fruit or nothing but bran muffins so that MND will stop telling me every day to eat over 200 calories and more fiber for breakfast. Seriously, I get this message every day.

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