I’m sorry, Whoopi

On yesterday’s episode of “The View,” Whoopi Goldberg announced that her mother passed away on August 29th. She said many touching things in tribute to her mother. I felt such a kinship with her in that moment. It’s not a club I like belonging to, motherless daughters, but I do feel a sisterhood with these women who also have a mommy-shaped hole in their hearts. Whoopi said something that touched my heart and really spoke to me. About her mother she said: Who’s gonna love me as much as she did?

4 thoughts on “I’m sorry, Whoopi

  1. I know your life will never be the same, and for that I am truly sorry. I wanted to tell you something my sister told me while I was up there visiting. We were at the DI next to your work and I wished you were at work for me to say hi to, and my sister told me that my mom worries about you and Amanda and Victor, all alone here in Utah with your mom gone and your dad far away. She wants to have you over to family events as much as she can and wishes she lived closer to you. So there's another mom out there (one of many, I'm sure) thinking about you and worrying over you. Maybe that's your mom whispering to my mom's heart. Anyway, we love you. I dread the ever-approaching day when I have to join your club. Take care.

  2. I love your Mom, Jen. I've always considered her more of an Aunt than a cousin of my mother's. In fact, last Thanksgiving I told her I was just going to start calling her Aunt Margaret. I appreciate her love and concern over us. She is one special lady.

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