I got a new haircut

I did something I’ve been wanting to do for a while now. When I was at the hairstylist’s on Thursday and she asked me if I just wanted a trim (after, ya know, bleaching my roots) I said, nah let’s cut it off to my shoulders. I’m really tired of how long it takes to do my hair lately. I don’t like drying it for hours and straightening it for hours either. So she cut it off. My friend came over that night to watch SVU (the new season is awesome!) and when I answered the door her exact response was “woah.”

I’ve had a good reaction from my friends on Facebook. My cousin told me that I look 16 (thanks Jen!) and my brother-in-law (you know who you are) said that I keep getting younger looking. And countless other friends said it was cute (thanks guys!) So it made me wonder, can hair really change your appearance that much? So much so that you look half your age? And why are so we connected to our hair? Whether you have waist length locks or are bald, our hair is so very much apart of our identity.
I had a friend that I’ve met in the last few months who said she thought I was courageous because I change my hair so frequently. Really? Courageous? I think I’m just bored and I change my mind a lot.
My hair was the same for a lot of years – long and blonde. Sure I cut it all off when the hubs and I had been married about a year to a pixie cut, but since then it has been long and blonde. I grew out my hair for years so that I could donate it to Pantene’s Beautiful lengths campaign. It was a big change when I did. However, it was still pretty long and blonde.
And then my mother died.
And I haven’t kept a consistent hairstyle since then. Right before her funeral, my hairstylist cut about 9 inches of it off and I didn’t even bat an eyelash. Then a year and a half ago I decided that being a brunette was a good idea. I found out something very interesting about my hair. It likes to be blonde. Every single freaking time I would get my hair darkened, it would fade so quickly even my hairstylist was amazed. Then a year ago I did something I hadn’t done since junior high – get bangs. I love them.
So what is it about our hair and major life changes? I’ve heard of women who go through drastic hairstyle changes when they break up with their boyfriend, go through a divorce, lose a significant amount of weight, that sort of thing.
Maybe I’ll settle into a hair style that fits with the new me. Because I am new. I am changed. Somewhere along the way in the last 3ish years I learned I had to find a new normal. I don’t like that phrase. I want my old normal. So I’m trying to find that new normal. And so far, I’m enjoying my new kicky, young and fresh ‘do.

The old ‘do
Me and the toddler

The new ‘do
(Yes, I’m wearing a Mountain Dew t-shirt)

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