How my printer screwed me out of voting this year

I have moved since the last election cycle. And because of that I have to re-register to vote. I guess I could take my old voting card up to my old voting place, but that wouldn’t be right, would it? That’s lying and lying is bad.

So anyway, realizing that October 4th was the deadline to register to vote at my new polling location, I clicked onto my state’s voting website and registered my new address and everything. I thought I was doing everything right until it told me to print out my application and mail it into the county clerk’s office. There is a small problem…my printer is out of ink. My printer is a laser printer and the ink is very expensive. I couldn’t just try again on a different computer with a printer that is in full working order. And the deadline ran out before I could purchase new ink (no money, no funny). So I’m SOL for voting in 2010.
And this really bothers me. My parents always taught us how important it was to vote…not just in word but in action. I remember going to the fire station in our neighborhood with my mother and standing in the voting booth while she voted. I remember wanting to wear the “I voted” sticker as a child and not just because I thought stickers were cool (they totally are).
I became very politically active in high school. This was about the time I learned there was a term for my political beliefs. That term is called “liberal.” This is also the time I realized that most of the people around me thought my political beliefs were bunk and Rush Limbaugh had taught them people like me were the enemy. Try starting a Young Democrats club at my high school…phew…we couldn’t even get a teacher to be our advisor. So anyway, a few of my like-minded friends and I (or maybe it was just me and my boyfriend) joined our county Young Democrats organization and even got to go for free to the annual Democratic Sawbuck dinner. And the adults applauded for us. That was cool.
So you can imagine how awesome it was for me to register to vote for the first time. They brought people into the high school to register all of us seniors that would be 18 before November. This was 1996 and a presidential year so I think just about everyone registered. The person who registered me was a little taken aback that I wanted to register as a Democrat. Despite the disgusted look on her face, she checked the blue box.
And I have voted every year since. And not just in the Presidential elections or just the mid-term elections. Every year. Except 2007, but my mom died on election day so I figured I was exempt. I didn’t really care about the one ballot issue I did care about after that. And now 2010 will mark the second time I can’t vote. My printer has essentially ruined my almost pristine record.
Not that my vote counts for crap in Utah. Herbert will still be re-elected Governor despite all of the scandals that have called his questionable ethics into question. I really wanted to vote this year, despite some of my disenchantment with the political process since 2008. I watched a clip from Bill Maher about even though the Democrats suck and they disappoint you at every turn (which is why I no longer consider myself a Democrat and just a regular old liberal), they are the only thing standing in the way of having Republicans elected and taking control of the country (doesn’t anyone remember 2001 – 2009???). He said there’s a reason that the Democratic’s symbol is a D – it’s disappointing but it’s passing. And the reason why the Republican’s symbol is R is because that’s the sound a pirate makes right before he steals all your money and throws you to the sharks.
I don’t get to wear the “I voted” sticker this year. And that sucks and not just because stickers rule.
Author’s note: This post is merely to convey my disappointment at not being able to get to vote this year. This is not a place where my politics may be debated. Go somewhere else if that is your intent.

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