I voted!

Despite not turning in my voter registration on time since I moved, my awesome friend (who is also a city councilwoman) let me know that all I had do was go to my polling place with my ID and a bill proving I live where I live and I could vote by provisional ballot. And I passed on this little bit of knowledge to other people who moved recently and didn’t know if they could still vote.

Phew….I was feeling so much guilt about not being able to vote. Even though nobody I vote for ever wins, I just feel better knowing I’m doing my civic duty. A lot of women sacrificed, were jailed, and put their lives on the line so I could walk into the voting booth today and speak my voice.

2 thoughts on “I voted!

  1. Hooray for provisonal ballots! 80)my word verification to leave a comment is bitionme….kinda like bit on me weird and earlier i had one that was spaghtios like spaghettios wacky!

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