Blog Neglect

So I haven’t written a post in almost 2 months. The truth is, I don’t have much to say lately. I guess I’m in a writing slump. This post will be a super random mish mash of things on my mind.

Last night we watched, “Race to Witch Mountain,” and “Return to Witch Mountain.” I never watched these as a child. I think it’s because my Mom realized that live action 1970s Disney movies are awful. If my daughter hadn’t been so engrossed, I would have changed the channel. Just awful. At least we had the special effects to laugh at. And one thing that bothered me was why was the sequel called “Return to Witch Mountain,” when there was no returning to Witch Mountain? I’m sure there are those of you who love these movies, but you probably saw them as a child and they have a sort of nostalgia for you.
A few months ago my darling hubs bought me a netbook for my birthday. I didn’t even have it for a month or two when my 2 year old threw it on the ground breaking it’s screen into oblivion. Just yesterday he threw my iPod Touch on the ground and put 6 cracks in my screen. I am beyond annoyed. I know some people will say that I should hide my things from him, but I do. He is a baby ninja. I think he has a special tracking device in him that allows him to seek and destroy all of my electronics.
At the beginning of the month I got my fourth kidney infection in a year. I estimate I’ve had about 20 to 30 of those painful bad boys in the last decade. I’ve asked about seeing a specialist before but have been brushed off because I didn’t have them frequently enough. Well finally I saw a doctor that listens to me, and he sent me to a specialist. It’s really weird being a semi-young woman sitting in the waiting room of a urologist’s office with a bunch of elderly men with pictures of what a healthy prostrate looks like on the wall. Anyway, the specialist is sending me to get an ultrasound of my kidneys today. I can’t eat or drink anything from midnight on until after my appointment this afternoon. That sucks enough since I’ll be famished by the time it’s over, but I have a massive headache (massive) and I can’t take anything for it. I hope they’re able to figure out what’s wrong with my kidneys and I really hope it doesn’t require surgery to fix.
We had a really good Christmas. My sister and I carried on my Mom’s tradition of making Danish kleiner about a week before Christmas. My dad and step-mom are in Utah for the holidays. They were able to go to my family’s Christmas party this year. I think it was the first time a lot of my relatives (on my Mom’s side) met my step-mom even though they’ve been married for 2 years now. It was a really nice evening. Christmas Eve we spent at the hubs’ grandparents’ house like we do every year. We had my immediate family over for Christmas morning and we continued our Christmas morning tradition of eating aebleskivers (Danish “apple pancakes”) for breakfast. I love having my family in my home. That night we went over to the hubs’ parents house and had prime rib. I’ve never had it before and it was delish. I think the thing I love most about Christmas is spending time with my family. I don’t care about presents and such. In fact I told the hubs not to get me anything this year. I just love being able to have the time to spend with those I love. That to me is Christmas.
The end.