No Good Title

My mom loved books.

That’s actually an understatement. Books were her best friends. Books were her constant companions. She once told me that she knew she could get through anything as long as she had her books by her side.
I felt like today my Mom was saying Hi to me. Just a little reminder, after a bad day, that she loves me. It’s something small, and mostly likely a coincidence, but it made me smile and blow a kiss up to heaven.
I’ve been drawn to this book I keep seeing over and over again on the Target bookshelf. Someone I admire recommended this book and I thought maybe that’s why it kept getting my attention. With a 30% off sticker on it’s cover, I finally decided to break down and buy it. Usually I would put it on the library’s waiting list until I had a chance to read it, but I impulsively bought it instead. Like my mom, I’m a sucker for books.
Today, I had a bad day. My mom could tell if I had a bad day from the tone of my voice on the phone, even if I was trying to sound chipper and mask my real mood. She could also tell if I had a canker just from talking to me on the phone. She knew me that well.
So I picked up my book. It’s House Rules by Jodi Picoult. I totally recommend it. Except, don’t tell me how it ends because I’m only half way through. In order to understand how much this quote made me smile, you have to know two things about my mom:
1- She was the smartest woman I have ever known.
2- She was a deputy court clerk for 17 years.
Oliver, an attorney, makes the observation:
“It’s just like nurses in a hospital tend to know more than the doctors most of the time; if you really want to get the answer to a question about court, you should spend more time buttering up the clerks than the judges.” pg. 193
I know my mom would have loved that.

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