Dinner Experiment

I don’t usually experiment with dinner. I totally respect people who can look in their pantries and fridges and come up with a delicious meal. Me? I am a recipe follower. I follow recipes exactly and don’t deviate at all. I just don’t have the gift that some people do. I mean, the most exciting thing I’ve done to a recipe is use baby shells instead of macaroni noodles in my homemade mac ‘n cheese.

Monday night I was tired of having our same old same old. I have about 10 dinner recipes that I put into rotation. So I was looking at the pantry and I saw the brown rice. I decided to make a stir fry of sorts. I was going to stir fry some chicken, carrots and broccoli together. I got all the way through chopping up the carrots and chicken before I discovered I didn’t have any broccoli. Oh yeah, and I was out of soy sauce. So I cooked up the chicken and carrots and rice, mixed them together, and dumped a couple of tablespoons of teriyaki sauce on them.
It tasted blandly okay. Which means my kids loved it. I had to dump some salt on it to make it have a taste at all. I noticed on the back of the rice box a recipe for beef and broccoli. I think I’m going to try that. And I won’t deviate from the recipe. I’m just no good at experimenting.

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