Facebook drama

Sometimes I want to delete my Facebook account because of childish people who can’t handle it. All I have to say is if you are an adult and can’t handle someone else’s opinion without it threatening yours, get off Facebook. There is no reason to attack and harass someone because you disagree with them. I’ve had plenty of people “unfriend” me because I hold differing political views than them. Get over yourself. I have never unfriended someone because I disagreed with them (I have unfriended pyschos who are exhibiting stalking behavior and those who have said truly racially offensive things). I’ve never unfriended someone because my political views are more liberal and theirs are more conservative. If I unfriended everyone I had a difference of opinion with, I’d have no friends, including my husband. I’m so tired of childish behavior from adults.

That is all I have to say.

6 thoughts on “Facebook drama

  1. Oh My Gosh…Again? What was it this time? Geez. For some reason i'm not getting you blog updates on my google reader. I have lots to read. love you riss!

  2. You gotta understand Em, that some people I know clearly have unmedicated mental illness combined with massive and over-weaning egos who think they can brow beat, bully, and harass others into sharing their opinions. There are certain people I know who believe, even though they have a lived a long time on this earth, that life is always black and white and there is no grey. Choices are either right are wrong, people are either good or bad, and everyone in the world must live up to their moral code or they deserve judgment and condemnation. That's why I'm not sad when certain people unfriend me. It's a good way to weed out the childish and extremely immature people out of my Facebook life (if not my DNA). And now for reals, that is all I have to say πŸ˜‰

  3. Good thing I'm not a Democrat.;-) When I moved I switched my party affliation to Independent. I wrote about why several hundred blogposts ago.Anyway, drscottmd you can still love me while disagreeing with me (and vice versa) because we're both sane, rational people.And btw, I love that you read my blog πŸ™‚

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