The leee-beral Kool-Aid

On occasion, I’ve been accused of drinking the liberal Kool-Aid. This just makes me laugh. Don’t they know it’s the liberal Mountain Dew? I would never sully my lips with Kool-Aid.

But really, the people who accuse me of this see nothing ironic in that statement. To clarify let me say that I don’t read the Huffington Post, I’ve never been to, I never watch Rachel Maddow, when Keith Olbermann was on I never sat through an entire episode (I only really liked his Worst Person’s list), if I’m lucky I can catch “The Daily Show” about once every two weeks (although, I’d have to argue how liberal that is since Jon Stewart makes fun of everyone), and I don’t listen to NPR, although something tells me I should.
I will confess to listening to Radio from Hell about twice a week while getting ready for work. They’re the only alternative voice in Utah. At least give me that! I’ll also confess to watching Bill Maher’s show, “Real Time” every week. Despite being liberal, Bill always makes sure to have more than one conservative voice on his panels. And, there are lots of things I disagree with when it comes to Maher’s beliefs, but he was the only calling out Bush during his felonious administration and that’s when I started watching him.
So if getting my information from the newspapers and listening to radio for 4ish hours a week, and watching one hour of television a week from a liberal perspective, is drinking the liberal Kool-Aid, then the standards for Kool-Aid drinking are pretty low.
The reason why I think it’s funny when people accuse of me of this is they are the same people who listen to Limbaugh, Hannity, Beck, Savage, and O’Reilly’s radio shows every day. They are the same people who only get their “news” from Fox. They spend several hours a day making sure they stay indoctrinated.
And *I’m* the one drinking the Kool-Aid? Hmm….

One thought on “The leee-beral Kool-Aid

  1. Yeah. This is annoying to me. I try to be open minded all around. But I can't believe anyone would take Limbaugh, Beck or O Reilly seriously.

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