I added ads to my blog.

I didn’t want to do it.
You see, for me, this blog has never been a vehicle for me to put some dimes in my pocket. It’s always been about me expressing myself in written form. Some day I hope to be an author of some sort, and my blog is me practicing my craft. That sounds so pretentious, but it’s true.
And then recently a lot of traffic has been driven here.
And that’s great! I’ve made some incredible friends through blogging. People I would have never met otherwise that have truly enriched my life.
So I thought, why not take advantage of the added traffic, ya know? But even that thought disgusted me. It’s like when Mighty Mighty Bosstones started endorsing Vans shoes and you knew you could never listen to their stuff again because they’re such sell outs.
But then I realized, we’re all sell outs because we need to eat. I once told my mother about a friend of the hubs who was just graduating law school and didn’t want to take a position in his father’s firm because he wanted to make his own way. I told her as an, look, isn’t he so noble?, kind of story. I remember her reaction, was, “that’s stupid. One thing life has taught me is if there is an opportunity to just take it.” She went on to say that if you have those connections, use them because making it your own way might not always work out. I was kind of surprised because my mother was highly principled. But, looking at how hard her life was and how much she struggled, I’m sure she would have appreciated a hand up at one point.
I went on that really long tangent to justify my monetizing my blog. Oh, it’s giving me heart burn. I don’t want to do it…but…
I need a yard…right now I just have rocks and dirt and children don’t really like playing on that.
My daughter needs braces. Badly. She has teeth behind teeth. She could end up like me with 4 of her permanent teeth removed just to fit them all in her mouth (big teeth and tiny mouths run in the family).
The hubs needs major dental work done. Major (soft teeth run in his family).
We’re still paying off the hubs ER visit from the great badger fight.
And now…
I took my 7 year old up to the ER last night to get 3 staples put into his head after he decided his bed was a Parkour course and he was a master ninja warrior.
How am I going to pay for all of this???
I’m thinking of taking a second job. I love my first job more than words can ever begin to describe, but, it’s only part-time.
So until that allusive second job comes in to fruition (in this economy there are plenty of people looking for FIRST jobs, not just second), I’m going to have to be a sell out.
Because I refuse to get credit cards. They’re evil. I will only go into debt for a house, a car, or an education. Nothing else is worth it.
It leads me to wonder, how come at this point in our marriage where the hubs and I are more educated and are making more money than we ever could have dreamed while we were rubbing two nickels together hoping to turn that into something we could buy a loaf of bread with, does it seem like we have less money than ever? This middle class stuff is hard. I think I’ll go back to being poor.
That was my extremely long and rambling over-complicated explanation that I’m now a sell out and I will work for food (or yard, or braces, or staples for my son’s head).

3 thoughts on “Monetize

  1. Interesting. Please let us know how much you get from the ads. (Not necessarily any $ amount, but whether you're getting , like, a dollar a month, or an actually significant amount.) Do they pay you by the visitor to your blog, or by the number of clicks on the ads? If it helps, I could visit your blog several times a day for a few seconds. But I probably won't click on the ads. 🙂

  2. I'm pretty sure you get money from how many page views you have and then even more if someone actually clicks on an ad. At least that's what I remember reading when I agonized over monetizing this puppy.

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