I heart the Old Grist Mill

Aw….the Old Grist Mill.
I love this place so much I go at least once a week. I guess you could call me a regular.
I had never gone there before until my office moved to another location. Now, it’s the office favorite. We even gave it a nickname…”The OGM” (pronounced o-gum). We initiate all of our new interns into the OGM love and convert our new employees. We keep an order form in the office in case someone is making an OGM run and we can add our order in.
The OGM has so much to offer. It’s a bread company that makes delicious, amazing bread. I can’t get enough of the cinnamon bread. Although I’ve had to limit my intake since I started Weight Watchers. Their soups are so delicious and you get a huge slice of bread with each cup. There’s nothing better than that on a cold, Utah, winter day. They have a million different pastries. The hubs loves the raspberry rolls. They also have cinnamon rolls, scones, pumpkin bars, brownies, cupcakes, and several different types of cookies (and so much more…you will drool standing at the counter). And the best part? They serve Mountain Dew. Ah….the sweet nectar.
I went there on Wednesday and this is my typical meal.

Turkey and ham with provolone and mayo on wheat bread (they have a variety of veggies…none of which I like ‘cuz I’m all wimpy like that). All sandwiches come with a 1/2 ounce of Lay’s Original Potato chips. Some of the combo meals come with cookies and I only go on Wednesdays when they have their sugar cookies available. I loooooove their sugar cookies.

I know several former Utahns who make the OGM the first place they stop to eat when they come back to visit. Every time I go at lunch there is a line out the door. I honestly cannot say enough good stuff about this place.
Here is the link to the Ogden’s Old Grist Mill’s Facebook page. Right now I’m trying to win a gift certificate there because that would save me a lot of money.
Author’s note: I was not paid or in any other way compensated for endorsing The Old Grist Mill. I just love the heck out of it and want to share that with others.

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