Osama Bin Laden is Dead

As I write this I have tears rolling down my cheeks.

Not because I’m happy. Not because I’m sad. Because now that Osama Bin Laden is dead I just want the wars to be over, the fighting to stop, and the killing to end.
Mostly, I’m remembering those feelings of terror I felt on that September Day. I wrote about it here. I can’t believe it has been nearly 10 years since this whole thing started. My daughter who was just a newborn is about to turn 10 years old.
I’m hoping there’s no retaliation.
I’m praying that our troops will remain safe overseas.
I’m hoping we don’t have endure another terrorist attack.
I’m hoping that this country will feel the same sense of unity we felt 10 years ago, like President Obama said Sunday night.
I don’t know exactly what emotion I’m feeling right now. Jubilation? Fear? Relief? All I know is that it’s bringing tears to my eyes. It’s been so long. It’s been so long.
God bless the whole world. No exceptions.

2 thoughts on “Osama Bin Laden is Dead

  1. Risa, I wish that killing Osama guaranteed the fighting would stop, but as I'm sure you are aware, it won't. Someone else will rise in his place and continue what he started. There will be bloodshed on both sides and it will hurt and we will lose countless loved ones. That being said, I can't say I didn't have a sigh of relief as I read the news about his demise. I was pregnant with my second child laying sick on the couch watching those horrible images praying to God that this wasn't 'it'. What a horrible, horrible day/weeks/months/years.

  2. Sunshine,I agree. The pacifist in me is hopeful that all the killing will end. The realist in me knows that it never will.I wrote this when I had no idea what I should be feeling. All that kept replaying in my mind are the feelings of terror that I felt on 9/11 believing that my best friend was dead for most of the day. That was coming back to me and the reason for my tears. I cannot rejoice in another's death, and there is no feeling of relief not knowing what will come next. I pray that there is no retaliation on American soldiers because of this.

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