I Heart The Greenery

Without a doubt, The Greenery, is my favorite restaurant. Located at the mouth of Ogden Canyon, surrounded by beautiful mountain views, you can hear the relaxing sounds of the Ogden River while you dine.

The Greenery is a family favorite. Whenever we have friends or family who visit from out-of-state, we take them to The Greenery. It never fails to impress. It’s just a simple, quaint little place, but the food is divine.
They have just about every American cuisine there. Appetizers like potato skins and chips and salsa. Salads, soups, signature specialties like the Marco Polo and Benedict Arnold, sandwiches, burgers, grilled items like steak, a salad bar, and the sumptuous desserts.
My personal favorite is the Tasty Tom sandwich. Oh, my mouth waters just writing those words. It’s a turkey sandwich on grilled wheat bread with a slice of swiss cheese and bacon. With it you can get a side of potato chips or pasta salad. And all their sandwiches come with fresh fruit. No French fries here…they don’t even have a fryer!
The hubs always gets the Pancho Villa which is a mild meat taco wrapped in a flour tortilla, baked in enchilada sauce and topped with all the fixings like cheese, sour cream, lettuce, etc. Actually, that sounds really good! I think I’ll get that next time.
I would have to say that the Benedict Arnold is probably a customer favorite. It is slices of grilled ham on a grilled English muffin, smothered in hollandaise sauce and topped with two basted eggs. One of my friends said she won’t order anything else.
My best friend Jessica, who only lived in Utah for a short 6 years, who has been gone for 14 years now, still talks about the caramel shakes at the Greenery. She’s even told her new friends about them. And whenever she comes to visit, she requests a dinner at The Greenery and she orders a caramel shake before we can even sit down.
One of their most popular selections are their Mormon Muffins. They are these delicious bran muffins served with honey butter. I have to admit that I’ve never had one because they have nuts in them and I prefer living. Without a doubt, though, they are the most popular thing on the menu.
And while everyone around me is treating themselves with a mouth-watering Mormon muffin, I order the rich, decadent chocolate cake. My Mom and I used to always share a piece of this enticing cake together. Oh man, it’s a chocolate lovers dream come true.
I have been to the Greenery for many birthdays, anniversaries, and celebrations. It feels like home to me. I have so many good memories of the meals I’ve shared with loved ones there.
And one of the best parts about the Greenery? Well, it’s connected to the biggest gift shop in Utah called Rainbow Gardens. When my Mom was little, the old part of the gift shop was a swimming pool. You can tell when you’re in that section. You can get lost in there for hours. I love going to Rainbow Gardens at Christmas time and seeing all their decorations. And you can walk off the calories from all the delicious food you just ate at The Greenery.
One of the things I love best about The Greenery is it is locally owned and operated and it is one of a kind. You’re never going to find another one like it. It’s unique, you feel like family when you’re there, and the food is amazing. You can check out their menu here. Yum!

Author’s Note: I did not receive any financial compensation or any other thing of value to endorse The Greenery. I just love it there and I hope you will too.

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