Prayers for my Baby Nephew

Wednesday was a scary day. I learned from Facebook that my one year old nephew, who had RSV this winter, was having breathing problems. The next thing I knew they took him to the doctor, who immediately had him taken by ambulance to the hospital. I was in tears over that until the hubs called and said they life flighted him down to the Children’s hospital. Then I was really in tears. My poor baby nephew went into respiratory arrest. Ever since that phone call, my mind has been on Rock and his scared parents all day.

I know some of the fear they must be experiencing. When my now 7 year old son was just 6 weeks old (and was 4 weeks premature already) was hospitalized for a week with RSV. He was so tiny, only 6ish pounds. He had an IV in his head, a canula in his nose giving him oxygen, wires all over his chest, and the pulse/ox taped to his foot. The nurses told my friend, whose daughter was hospitalized for RSV two rooms over, that he was the smallest baby they’d ever seen. I’m sure glad they didn’t tell me that while he was there. I was nursing so I couldn’t leave his side, not that I would have, for a second. It was the worst week of my life. All I could do was worry about my poor tiny baby, and my poor 2 1/2 year old daughter who didn’t understand why all of a sudden her mommy and baby brother were gone and she couldn’t see them (children weren’t allowed on the pediatric floor unless they were patients).
So, I know a little bit of the fear the my dear sister-in-law and brother-in-law are experiencing. My nephew is just the cutest, most precious little boy. My prayers are with them. I hope they feel the same comfort that I felt that week I was in the hospital with my own little boy. I love their little family so much. Please, if you can offer a prayer for them or send them your good thoughts I would appreciate it. I know they need to feel that love and comfort surrounding them right now.

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