Are manners gone?

Thursday all I could do was worry about my sweet little baby nephew, Rock. He’s currently in the Children’s hospital, intubated, and in a medically induced coma. He has pneumonia, but is fighting it. There is a reason why they named him Rock!

However, even though I wanted it to, I couldn’t expect the world to just stop so I could sit and agonize, worry, and cry. I still had errands to run, tasks to complete, and bills to pay.
One of those tasks was grocery shopping. We were completely out of milk. Grocery shopping with a toddler should be an Olympic sport. My nerves were already frayed and then the toddler started punching everything I put in the cart, and when I took him out of the cart to save my groceries, he took off and ran half way across the store before I knew it. And that was when he was being good.
So, I was pretty anxious to get out of the grocery store when I reached the check-out stand. I wasn’t even a quarter of the way putting my groceries on the belt with the rude lady behind me started loading her groceries. I was so mad! At one point I even shoved her groceries back while giving her my death look. The checker even stopped the belt so I could finish loading my groceries preventing her from continuing to load hers.
Seriously, how rude can you be? I would have told her off, but in my emotional state, I would probably not be able to hold myself back. What happened to freaking manners? I never load my stuff when I’m next in line until it is clear that the person in front of me has an empty cart.
I try so hard to be courteous of others, and I feel like it’s hardly ever returned. Am I the only one who feels like the whole word has lost it’s manners?

3 thoughts on “Are manners gone?

  1. I missed the lady behind you loading her groceries up. Hope that you didn't give me the death stare since the checker started loading my stuff on to the belt right after you as well!-Kristoffer

  2. The rude lady was in front of you and was bagging her groceries by the time you were there. Seeing you was the highlight of my trip. I was so happy to see your Mom doing well. I'm glad someone is winning their battle with pancreatic cancer.

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