Run for Congo

I am doing this 5K on Saturday.

I’m really excited for it because helping women in the Congo has been a cause I’ve supported for a while. I can’t believe the horrific human atrocities that have gone on and continue to go on there. If you think Rwanda was awful, the Congo is worse.
My favorite quote from Martin Luther King, Jr is, “an injustice anywhere is a threat to just every where.” How can I sit in my cushy house, typing this on my laptop, with no threat to my person or family, having every type of food available to me at a moment’s notice, when there are women in the Congo who are being routinely gang-raped as a weapon of war? Fourty-eight women an hour are raped in the Congo. 48! How are these women’s lives less valuable than mine by simple virtue of our location and where we were born?
Eve Ensler wrote a haunting piece about her multiple trips to the Congo in Glamour Magazine a few years ago. It was so sick, and disturbing that to remember it would bring me nightmares. Literally. I was reading the magazine, read her account, and then threw the magazine across the room. It was more horrifying than any horror movie any sicko in Hollywood could ever make.
So though it isn’t much, I’m going to run for these brave women, these survivors, these refugees now living in Utah. The run is cool because you don’t have to pay money to register, they just ask you to solicit donations or make a donation when you get there. I haven’t solicited donations because I don’t want to annoy people. But if this is a cause you support and would like to lend a foot or a dollar to, either come on down to Wheeler Farm if you’re in Utah or get in touch with me. I will making my own donation, but welcome all others.
May those of you reading this never have to experience this in your lifetimes:

God bless the women of the Congo.


2 thoughts on “Run for Congo

  1. I love how whenever I'm involved with something awesome, so are all the awesome women I know. Hopefully we'll see each other there because I'm running this also!

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