I heart Planned Parenthood

Today is a blog carnival day for Planned Parenthood.

I’ve written before about why I support Planned Parenthood before, both here and here.
I don’t want to rehash all the reasons why I support this organization. I feel like I’ve been having this battle for months, trying to educate people on what PP actually does instead of the lies perpetrated by certain talking heads.
Planned Parenthood’s website is very informative. What I love about PP is that they don’t shame people for being sexual beings. All of us are!!! Whether you’re sexually active or not, married or not, a female or not, PP is there to help you without judgment.
I know I’ve written about this before, but I think there is a myth out there that the only people who use PP’s services are hookers riddled with STDs. Wrong. Want some examples of REAL women who use PP’s services?
For instance:
I went there as a young newlywed for my birth control. At that time our sexist insurance didn’t cover it (but they did cover Viagra) and paying $70 out-of-pocket each month was too much for our tiny little budget to handle. They were so kind to me there and always made me feel comfortable.
I have a friend who’s life was saved by PP. She is a college student in her 30s who couldn’t afford private insurance and her campus medical services were not adequate. She’s married with a teenager. Planned Parenthood was able to diagnose her cervical cancer and treat it.
Another friend of mine was scared to tell her very conservative, religious parents that not only was she sexually active, but she was in an abusive relationship. She went to Planned Parenthood for contraception. You’re required to have counseling there before you get services, and they were so kind to her that she disclosed her abusive relationship to them. They gave her the resources and empowered her to leave that relationship.
A friend of a friend suspected her husband of infidelity (he was supposed to be a good, religious man). She went there to Planned Parenthood to have STD testing done, too embarrassed to go to her own OB/GYN who delivered all her children. Thank goodness she went because he had given her chlamydia, a disease, that if not treated, can ravage your reproductive organs and leave you infertile.
I know so many stories. I know that places like Planned Parenthood, who offer services to low-income and those without adequate insurance coverage, are vital to our communities and the health of woman and men alike. I love this organization and I support it with my words and wallet.

2 thoughts on “I heart Planned Parenthood

  1. My mom went there when she suspected she was pregnant with my oldest sibling. She was not married, but she loved my dad… and her family was/is emotionally abusive. They helped her, treated her kindly, let her know her options. My parents moved their wedding date up, and now have been married for almost 40 years. She has nothing but good to say about PP.

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