I love Summer

Can I just shout it from the rooftops? I LOVE SUMMER!!!!

Is it because I was born in the summer? Is it because I crave the sunlight? I am a Leo and apparently we’re ruled by the sun.
I’ve written why I love summer before, but I’d just like to re-visit this again.
Top 10 reasons why I love Summer:

1 – No school! It used to be for me but now it’s for my kids. In the summer we can sleep late. I don’t have to get the kids up early, dressed, fed, and off to school. In the summer I don’t have to do homework with them. I love having my kids home with me during the summer. It means FREEDOM!
2 – The Heat! I hate being cold more than anything. In the summer it’s warm, warm, warm! Warmth means being outside without fear of pneumonia.
3 – Swimming! Although the thought of me getting in a swimming suit somewhat strikes fear into my heart…I get over it because I love to swim. I love the water. Whether it’s a swimming pool, lake, river, stream, or ocean…I love being in water.
4 – Camping! I know a lot of people see camping as pretending to be homeless on the weekends, but I love getting out into nature and breathing fresh air and getting dirty. Every year we go up and camp at Bear Lake for a few days, and although I usually complain about freezing my booty off at night, I love it. The hubs’ grandparents have a cabin in the mountains and I love going there. It’s so relaxing and I love camping where there is electricity and running water. There’s nothing like listening to the sound of the wind rustle through the quaking Aspens.
5 – Sunshine! I think I have S.A.D. because I get really blue if the sun is not shining. Even in the winter, as long as the sun is shining, I feel happy.
6 – My birthday! I’m a summer baby. Having a summer birthday used to mean never having to go to school on your birthday. This year I’m doing what I did last year and taking the day off work and spending it at the pool with my family. I’m probably at the age where I should stop liking my birthday, but nah, I love it.
7 – The livin’ is easy! Seriously, doesn’t life just seem easier and slower in the summer? It does to me. I love sitting on my porch in the evening reading a book. It feels like I have all the time in the world.
8 – Exercising outside! Summer means getting up early before it gets too hot, or going out in the evening once it has cooled off, to exercise. I love getting out and running/walking in the summer instead of being confined to an indoor gym. I love running through sprinklers and breathing that summer air.
9 – Ice cream! Ice cream reminds me of summer. Every year at the start of summer my Mom would put us in the car and we would drive down to Snelgrove’s in Sugarhouse and get a 3 gallon drum of Malted Milk ice cream (aka the best ice cream in the world). That always seemed like such an adventure just for ice cream.
10 – Vacations! That is, if I ever went on any. I have really good memories about trips in the summer to Florida, Ohio, California, Hawaii, and New York City. Here’s hoping I get an actual vacation soon.
What do you love about summer?

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