I may have found a swim suit

This swimming suit is from a company called Panache. I currently own 3 bras from them and they are fantastic. So, I feel safe with buying a swimming suit online from them without ever having tried it on.

I can’t walk into a store and buy a swimming suit. Most of them having padding in the bust, which is the exact opposite of what I need. I need something that takes the attention off my chest.
I bought a tankini in 2006 right before we went to visit my cousins in Hawaii. I had a hard time finding anything that fit my top and bottom. A tankini was the best way to go. I like this tankini, but it shows off a lot of cleavage. Not something I’m comfortable with except on a beach in Hawaii.
I bought a new one-piece swimming suit last summer from Target. It’s pretty cute, but not as flattering in the chestal region as I would like. It’s a very pretty light turquoise color and I wish that it was tighter around the rib cage. (Note to manufacturers: Just because someone has a large chest doesn’t mean they’re large all over!)
So I have resorted to online shopping on websites that specializes in women that have more in their cups than Ds.
I plan on spending my birthday at the pool, so this swimming suit better come in time. It got great reviews on numerous sites and I hope that it works well for me too.
Is swimming suit shopping as hard or as traumatic for anyone else, besides me? Seriously, department stores only stock swimming suits made for women with flat chests.

16 thoughts on “I may have found a swim suit

  1. I have the opposite problem in swimsuit shopping. They're all too big in the chest, except for the ones with NO padding, and I need some, having nursed 4 babies and all… 🙂

  2. It's impossible to find swimsuits. I have both a large chest (after twins…still hoping it'll shrink) and a long torso. So I have to find long and busty suits…I ended up at Land's End for mine but like the tip here. Also couldn't agree more with the not enough smaller rib size in busty stuff 😛

  3. Ohhhh, that is SO the story of my life! I'm so well-endowed that I sometimes have wonder if I'm positive that God didn't want me in the porn industry. Anyway, let me know how that swimsuit works out for ya. I always have to buy everything online. Stores don't have stuff in my size. So, I'm always curious. I've gotten a few bras from Panache and was quite happy with them.I usually just shop at Lands End now for swimwear, but they're so expensive…

  4. @Alice, that's what I don't get. I nursed 3 babies and my chest gets larger with each. I would love to be the cup size I was before I had kids and they were still quite sizeable back then. Why didn't the nursing shrink them for me?!@Michelle, I bet it's hard to find a swimming suit with how tall you are. I'll have to look at Land's End next time.@Franziska, my large busted soul sister! I'm glad I'm not the only one with these problems.I'm glad I'm not the only one who has swimsuit drama!

  5. I'm actually only a tiny bit smaller than I was before nursing babies, mostly just deflated. 🙂 The minor padding I need isn't for enhancement so much as flattening/hiding nipples. (sorry, was that TMI for a family blog?) 🙂

  6. Ha ha! I love TMI. This is my personal blog so you can talk about your nipples all you want, Alice :-)Actually I have a little padding in all of my bras for the exact same reason. Not everyone needs to know when the headlights are on.

  7. The minor padding I need isn't for enhancement so much as flattening/hiding nipples.I'm glad some women have the decency to worry about that, since some actually want to flaunt that.Yes, my wife has complained some about getting the right suit when shopping for one. Another woman had wrote Ann Landers, complaining that too many bathing suits need 6 hours of shaving before wearing, or a full wax job under anesthesia!And, it's not just woman's suits that have issues. Some of the man's suits are too revealing, or too tight in critical places, tend to slip down, etc. Trust me.

  8. Is it flaunting, or just not caring? I don't care about it when I'm running, but in a swim suit and every day life, I prefer more coverage. 🙂

  9. Haha, I'm so glad someone is talking about this. 🙂 I was totally counting on nursing to take care of my breast reduction needs. And, it also didn't happen for me – despite faithful nursing for over a year. I feel cheated. Sometimes, it's this very stuff that makes me pretty darn sure that God is a man, and that it was him who created women. My heavenly mother would have never thought of giving me such a chest size and then putting me in the world as it is. Nope, I don't think so…But, I can totally see Mr. Male God sitting down, over- 'endowing' his girls and then sitting down and saying "it's good". Phhhh….I like to cover up, too, but when I go swimming I've sort of given up. I do the best I can, but I've realized I'll never be as modest as I'd like or as some women with a smaller chest will be able to.

  10. I agree with Fran that Land's End is too expensive…I wouldn't have bought there except I found a tankini on clearance for $15…tankinis are also my favorite swimsuit

  11. I was a teen when that Farah Fawcett swimsuit poster came out in 1976. The nipples showing there were a mix of embarrassment and "oh wow!" to me. Most men with a pulse would have the latter reaction, so be aware.And, after 4 children, nursing has left my wife's breasts permanently bigger than when we got married.

  12. @Fran, my sister had a breast reduction at 16. I'm thinking after my "child bearing years" this might be an option for me.@Alice and Fran, unfortunately "modest" is no longer a one-piece swimming suit that doesn't cut up too high on the legs and too low on the chest. Now it's a swimming suit with a crew neck and shorts over it. Next, burqua swimming suits. Our womanly bodies are just too enticing for the menfolk to control themselves.@Michelle, I like a good tankini too. As long as it keeps everything in :-)@Erstwild, I'm glad I'm not the only woman who's chest is larger after kids rather than smaller. I was beginning to feel like a freak since most of my friends complain about being smaller than they were before they had kids.

  13. I had an "aha" moment several years ago- I worried so much about finding a suit that fit, that concealed nipples, that wasn't too low cut, or high cut in the legs…and that didn't make me feel like I was wearing a burqa. I finally decided to stop making myself crazy and decided that I'm going to wear a swim suit that allows me to swim and have fun and not worry about either exposing anything, or feeling overly restricted by excessive fabric. A modest swimsuit is one that is not extreme in either direction, one that doesn't scream for attention. (that doesn't mean they can't be nice looking)

  14. Man, I feel this whole thread and all the comments on it. Bathing suit shopping is terrible. When I left the church I decided to go crazy and get a two-piece swimsuit (whoa girl!). I'd never worn one before. I got a cute polka dotted bikini…and hated it. I didn't like the way it looked on me, I didn't like exposing my Irish-white stomach and freckles to the sun.Now I have a one-piece again, a nice, sleek black-and-white tank suit. Of course, the shopping hasn't gotten any easier–this black-and-white suit was literally the first one I tried on at TJMaxx. It fit and looked prettty nice, so I bought it and booked. I was so happy to not have to try on any more that I didn't bother to, though I'm sure there might have been a few that looked even better. :B

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