Snow Flower and the Secret Fan

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I read this book a few years ago and was excited to learn it was going to made into a movie.
This story, at it’s core, is about a life-long friendship between two women, matched up as friends when they were children. The story takes place in 19 Century China. I knew about the awful tradition of foot-binding wealthy girls when they were young, but I don’t think I really thought about what these girls endured (and even died) for the sake of beauty and the standards of living in a certain class.
I loved this book. I loved the life-long friendship between the women as they endured growing up, arranged marriages, bearing and raising children, and even having to escape their village and live in the mountains when it was under attack.
I can’t wait to see the on-screen adaptation. The story is beautiful, the writing is amazing, and I think I might go dig it out and read it again.

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