Most popular blog post ever

I never thought when I wrote about finding a swimming suit and how frustrating that could be, that it would be my most popular blog post and have the most comments. I had a great convo in the comments section if you want to read that. Since this post has been so popular, I’ve decided that some time in the future I’ll have to blog about the trauma of finding a correct fitting bra.

I know the first rule of blogging is that you don’t talk about blogging, BUUUUTT, I am a bit flabbergasted at how many page views that this post has gotten. Since I posted it, it has 155 page views (as of 7/16/11). By contrast, my next most popular blog post, Monetize (in which I announced I had become a sell out and was putting ads on my blog), has only 76 page views.
Recently two of my blogging friends called out their stalkers and asked them to introduce themselves. If you’ve been stalking my blog as of late (or since it’s inception), it’s okay and I’d like to get to know you. Even if you hate my guts, think I’m a big jerk (because I know I can be…also I’m a bit too impulsive for my own personal comfort (it’s the ADD)), or think I’m a dork, it’s okay. REVEAL YOURSELF!
It might help to know that I’m just a big nerd who used to stick rulers down the back of my shirt in 2nd grade and pull them out and yell, “I AM SHE-RA!” I can also recite “The Princess Bride” verbatim from the beginning to the end of the movie. I once walked out of the bathroom at work with my skirt tucked up entirely into my pantyhose. That’s the kind of goof you’re dealing with here, folks.

6 thoughts on “Most popular blog post ever

  1. Good luck with finding your stalkers…I've never succeeded in outting stalkers, except when I said I'd go private. Then I had a few people emailing me, telling me how they'd been reading my blog and loving it, and they wanted to keep reading it. Hahaha…Recently though, I think my readership has died off. Maybe they got bored of all the posts about my kids. Ha!Anyway, if you want to get lots of comments you gotta get really controversial. I think we made it once to 150 comments on my blog when we had a lively debate about "to vaccinate or to not vaccinate". Or, kid nudity and breast feeding or, urm…I think those were the most popular ones. Good luck. I'll tune in again when you're talking about finding the right bra (a hellish ordeal!).

  2. And, some of us children used to take dish towels, and stick a part of them down the backs of our shirt collars, so we could have "capes", like superheroes of the time.

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