Unintended blogging vacation…

I took a very unintended blogging vacation. It started when the hubs went out of town on yet another business trip and I went into survival mode. That means I do the bare minimum to keep the house running, go to work, and the kids dressed/fed/clean. I don’t know how on earth single parents do it. For real.

Then I went on a totally unintended vacation. The hubs spent a large part of his childhood in Kent, Washington and I have heard him wax nostalgic about the Seattle area the entire time I’ve known him. I’ve always wanted to go up there with him to see what it’s like, and I had the unexpected opportunity last week.
Trying to get out of vacation mode is hard. My brain and body is still trying to adjust. Hopefully I will be able to get back to my regularly scheduled programming around here. As if I had a real schedule.
Also, it was my birthday last week. I didn’t expect turning 33 to be as hard as it was. Only because my parents were both 33 when they had me and I would always telling my Mom growing up that when I was 33, she would be 66, and I would be exactly half her age. Well, I made it to 33, but she didn’t get to make it to 66. So my birthday made me miss her more deeply than I usually do.
Okay, enough of this sad stuff. Blogging vacation is over. I think. We’ll see how I feel tomorrow 😉