Scholarships for Single Mothers

“In the US, households led by single women have the highest poverty rates in the nation–nearlyone-third of all such households. This makes the challenge of being a single parent that much more difficult, as they try to stretch their dollar while also taking the best care possible of their children. These demands on their time and money make it particularly difficult to find ways to get ahead, leaving many to despair that they are treading water, using all their energy just to keep afloat.

LDS Business College has a scholarship program in which single mothers can apply for full tuition and books scholarships for an entire two-year program. This education is particularly effective, providing valuable skills in growing fields with potential for career advancement. 90% of graduates in recent years have been placed. The scholarships are not grade dependent, but do require that the women work closely with their bishops while on the program, commit to LDSBC standards, (and obviously live within commuting distance of the college: there are no distance ed options).

Graduates are not only better enabled to provide for their families, but feel a greater sense of empowerment and hope for their future.

LDSBC would like to have 45 scholarships in use. In our meeting, we were told that they’ve never been able to provide more than twenty spots, and the scholarship fund is on low ebb. And that’s were YOU come in.” -Derek from fMh

If you would like a way to help Single Mothers become more educated to help provide for their children, please consider donating to the cause below. I did!

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