The Great Pillow Caper

Sunday night the hubs and I were just settling down for a long winter’s nap when he asked where his other pillow was. I counted mine in the darkness and I had my required two that I need for neck support. He only had one and was feeling around the bed trying to find it. After some frustration he turned on the light. It had not fallen to the side of the bed or between our headboard and mattress. We then searched under the bed, our whole bedroom, and closet. Thinking the kids might have taken it because they were making the required pillow and blanket forts you do when your cousins are over playing, we searched their rooms. All of their pillows were accounted for and there was none extra. We even went down to our basement and ransacked the place. The pillow is still missing. The hubs was the last one out of bed on Sunday morning and he distinctly remembers there being four pillows when he threw the comforter over everything (which is our lazy way of making the bed). I sacrificed myself on the altar of comfort and let him have my extra pillow. I woke up with a crick in my neck and a huge knot in my shoulders.

Where on earth could that pillow have gone? Is there some sort of black vortex for pillows where they magically go for no reason?

2 thoughts on “The Great Pillow Caper

  1. Funny. That pillow theif has also come to North Ogden. After my neck surgery I got new pillows and one has disppeared. Its not like we have a big house. There isnt really anywhere for it to go!!

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