I Heart Brave Girl’s Club

Have you heard of the Brave Girl’s Club?  You can find them here.  (Though I don’t relish being called a girl when I’m a grown woman, I’m willing to let that go because this “club” is so inspirational).  You can sign up to have their daily affirmations sent to your email, and let me tell you, they are so much better than the usual affirmations you hear.  My friend, K, reads them at the end of our weekly support group we co-facilitate and these affirmations have begun to mean so much to those in our group.  They regularly speak to my soul and often correspond with exactly what I need to hear that day.

I wanted to share an affirmation that they posted on January 31st that resonated so deeply with me.  I hope it touches you as well.

Dear Diligent Girl,

Unkindness hurts, and it does not often fade away without leaving some hurt behind. Kindness is so important, and boundaries can be kept while being kind. You see, boundaries are SO important – critical, even. We must never allow others to identify and then abuse us where we are weak. We must not continually walk back into battles that will never never go away with some people, but we must kindly walk away from those battles. We must not let others determine our worth, ever. We must not allow our hearts to be abused, manipulated or exploited.

We can be kind to everyone and wish everyone the best, but this does not mean that we need to allow everyone to the closest parts of our souls. We must guard the gates to our hearts and recognize that it is a true honor for anyone to ever come close to the deepest parts of us, and this honor should be reserved for a select few who only want the best for us and who love us exactly as we are.

If you are being hurt, abused, manipulated, bullied or diminished by someone else, please put a stop to it, dear friend. Be kind, wish everyone the best, do what you can to help, but never ever ever allow someone to chip away at parts of you. You are way too important.

You have a right to stand up for yourself. You have a right to walk away. You have a right to go where the peace is.

You are so very loved.


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