30 Day Challenge: Day 2 – Where’d you like to be in 10 years

In 10 years it’ll be 2022 and I will be 43 years old.  Where do I want to be?

Still with this hunk of a man.

My daughter will be 20, my oldest son will be 18, and my youngest son will be 13.  My hope is that my daughter will be graduating from college, my son will be graduating from high school that year, and my other soon will be in junior high.  That is kind of scary to think about.

I hope to have my Masters of Social Work degree by then.  I’d like to be a Licensed Clinical Social worker so I can do more individual, group, and family counseling.  After working with some incredible hospital social workers, I’m interested in working in that field as well.  The wonderful thing about choosing a career in social work is that there are so many different areas and ways to help people.

I’d like us all to be happy and healthy and living vibrant lives to our full potential.  And if that’s not possible, I hope we are able to meet whatever challenges come our way with strength and a commitment to each other.

It’s kind of hard to write about the future because we don’t know what technological and social advances we will be facing.  If I had written this in 2002, I would have never guessed my phone could take pictures, send emails, and Facebook.  Actually, Facebook, is something I could have never imagined. And hello, tablets and e-readers?  Amazing.

I hope we’ve made some advances in our society in civil rights, health care, and such.  I hope that we have sought ways to eat better, live better, and to stop polluting our environment and stripping the land of all it’s resources.  I hope we use whatever technological advances that will come our way in 10 years to improve the lives of people in the world.  I hope that all the horrible ills that befall women the world over, as discussed in Half the Sky, will cease to exist.  I’m a big dreamer.

My Mom used to say, “If you want to hear God laugh, tell him your plans.”  That is similar to one of the lines from one of my favorite John Lennon songs, Beautiful Boy:  Life is what’s happening to you while you’re busy making other plans.  So, although I have hopes and dreams for the future, at this point, it’s hard to plan my future.  I don’t want to get in the way of what God and Life have in store for me.  Do I have goals?  Yes, but I’ve always relied on my own instincts and divine promptings, and it’s worked out very well so far.

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