30 Day Challenge: Day 5 – Your comfort foods and why

Homemade macaroni and cheese either when my Dad makes it or when I make it.  My kids tend to favor baby shells over macaroni noodles so this is often how I make it.  Why is it a comfort food?  Because how can noodles and cheese be anything but comfort food?  It makes me feel safe, loved, and it just tastes darn good.

Homemade Pancakes made from my own personal recipe.  You won’t find a Bisquick or Krusteez pancake mix in my pantry, no way Bob.  I  make the best pancakes ever.  That is not grandiose bragging, but fact.  Everyone who has tasted my pancakes has agreed with the above statement.  I don’t like my pancakes big and fluffy.  I put extra milk in the batter so that they are thinner.  Not as thin as a crepe (which I also make really well), but thin.  To top of my pancakes, I put my own homemade syrup on top.  Why are pancakes a comfort food for me?  Because my Dad taught me how to make them.  I’ve been making them for years and years.  They make me happy and they remind me of home.

A delicious slice of cheesy pizza.  My favorite kind of pizza is just plain cheese.  Don’t judge me.  I believe pizza became a comfort food for me because every Friday night growing up my family would order pizza for dinner.  This is a tradition that became embedded into my DNA.  Pizza means a celebration to me.  Pizza means, TGIF, now let’s party. Pizza means family, traditions, and lots of cheese happiness.

Chocolate is another big comfort food for me.  Especially when it is paired with caramel or mint.  Every Christmas I got a huge Russell Stover’s chocolate Santa and every Easter it was a huge Chocolate bunny.  So why is chocolate a comfort food for me?  Well, isn’t it scientifically proven that there is something in chocolate that releases chemicals in your brain that makes you happy?  Well, whatever it is, I make sure I always have some emergency chocolate on hand.

Granny Smith Apples are my favorite kinds of apples.  I love their crispness and tartness.  I absolutely hate it when I bite into a mushy apple, and this almost never happens with a Granny Smith.  I think Granny Smiths are a comfort food to me because when I was pregnant with my first child I worked in a grocery store and I had a friend who worked in the produce department who wanted to make sure I was eating right (since I surrounded by fried, fatty foods).  He would always bring me my favorite apple, a Granny Smith, and for some reason I just feel so happy and taken care of when I eat them.

Cinnamon rolls are a huge comfort food for me.  I just love bread in general.  And when it’s paired with cinnamon and frosting….delish!  My elementary school had shockingly good school lunch (I’m sure it’s different now that everything comes in pre-packaged and the lunch ladies don’t cook anymore).  And every time we had Tacos for lunch, the dessert was a cinnamon roll or a cinnamon twist.  I looked forward to Taco days at school so much because I knew a cinnamon gooey goodness was waiting for me as well.  There’s just something about a cinnamon roll that makes me believe all is right with the world.

My biggest bad habit and my favorite comfort food (beverage?) is Mountain Dew.  Oh you sweet temptress.  You nectar of the Gods.  I readily admit that I’m addicted to caffeine, but I’m addicted to it in a citrus flavored sugary water form.  I know, I know, it’s bad for me.  Don’t lecture me!  I can quit any time!  (((Deep heavy breathing))).  But seriously folks, whenever I’m having a bad day…I do the Dew.  Whenever I want to eat my feelings with some Mac ‘n Cheese or pizza, I pair it with a Dew.  It gives me something to look forward to, something to reward myself with.  I’ve tried to quit so many times, but I always come calling back to her siren song.  Why is this a comfort food for me?  Well, I grew up drinking the Shasta version which has had so many names over the years, I couldn’t tell you what they call it currently.  Drinking it reminds me of sitting at the counter at my home growing up, drinking it and laughing with my family, while we watched shows on TGIF, with our weekly pizza in hand.

***This was not a good post for an emotional eater like me to write.  I’m resisting the urge to walk in the kitchen and whip up some of my best-pancakes-in-the-history-of-everdom.***


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