30 Day Challenge: Day 7 – Your favorite Childhood Toys

The 30 Day Blog Challenges resumes….

I spent many, many hours creating outfits and coloring them.  This was my favorite thing to play with.  It combined my two loves of coloring and fashion.


I had about 30 to 40 Care Bears.  In addition to them lining my bed, I had the Care Bear musical tapes and read the Care Bear books.  I would subject my family to Care Bear musicals where they were forced to stare at my Care Bears doing nothing while a musical tape played in the background.
I had a million Barbie and Ken dolls, including a Barbie house (multi-leveled with an elevator), several Barbie cars, and many Barbie outfits.  My paternal grandmother gave us a Hawaiian chest full of scarves and I loved coming up with my own Barbie outfits with the scarves.  My dog chewed up my favorite Ken doll, and I still played with him.  I loved making my Barbies have car crashes by hurtling them down the stairs.  And I insisted that my Barbies be multicultural, so I had an African-American Barbie, a Native American Barbie, and a Mexican Barbie in addition to all the blonde Barbies with blue eyes.  
I had this exact Strawberry Shortcake doll, along with all her friends.  I also had Strawberry Shortcake curtains and a Strawberry Shortcake bedspread.  The funny thing is I don’t like the dessert strawberry shortcake because strawberries make my mouth fuzzy.   
I only wanted a Cabbage patch doll because they were extremely popular in the ’80s and all the other kids had them.  Even as a kid I thought they were ugly as sin.
I had this exact Annie doll because I was fairly obsessed with the movie at one time in my life.  I had all of Annie’s co-stars as well, including:  Miss Hannigan, Daddy Warbucks, Pepper, and Grace.  My Annie dolls would co-mingle with my Barbies and Strawberry shortcake dolls in all of my imaginary dramas.
What girl growing up in the ’80s didn’t have a plethora of jelly bracelets in all different colors?  This is before they took on all sorts of lewd meanings.  

3 thoughts on “30 Day Challenge: Day 7 – Your favorite Childhood Toys

  1. I remember the fashion plates! They were awesome. I also remember that in one of our stories featuring a Barbie, she was taken prisoner and tied to a lightbulb. We hadn't intended to give her a mastectomy…

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