The Gym – Part 3

I’ve written posts in the past about the characters I encounter at the gym.  Bitter kittens, I go to the gym because I want to just work out, listen to songs on my iPod, and sweat for a while.  It’s good for my heart, it’s good for my lungs, it’s good for my metabolism, and it’s especially good for my mental health.  Seriously, an hour on the elliptical is like taking a Prozac.  I can deal with all the vindictive crazies I need to after spending some time on that machine.  But I digress…there are some interesting characters I’ve been noticing at the gym lately and want to know if this is universal to gym culture, or just my gym.

The Super-Cute Girls
These are the girls who come to the gym in the cutest work-out clothes money can buy.  They do their hair, sometimes it’s down and in curls, or they strategically place curls around a super-cute hat for maximum cuteness.  They come with a full face of make-up and sometimes they are wearing dangly earrings.  To the gym!  They might hop on a treadmill or elliptical for 5 or 10 minutes so it looks like they’re there to work out.  Pretty soon they make their way over to the weight benches where they sometimes will do a bicep curl or two  while they flirt with the muscle heads.  Aren’t there better places to pick up cute boys than the gym, super-cute girls?

The Narcissistic Dude
These are the dudes who refuse to work-out at all unless they are standing directly in front of the mirror.  They watch themselves lift every weight and sit every up.  They stare longingly at themselves while they flex their hard earned big muscles.  Just ever so often they step back from their mirror, lift up their shirts, just to see those sparkling 6 pack abs in the mirror.  These narcissistic dudes are a hoot to watch.  They are so caught up in their image in the mirror they don’t notice anyone else noticing them.  But watch out, step in this dude’s line of sight to his mirror, and he’ll turn into ‘roid rage dude.
The “what are you wearing?” people
There are people who wear completely inappropriate clothing to the gym, and I’m not talking about revealing clothing.  I’m talking about the people I’ve seen who work out in their street clothes.  I’ve seen people sweating it out on the treadmill in a pair of jeans.  I’ve seen a businessman lifting weights in nice dress slacks, a button-up shirt, and tie.  Say what?  What on earth are you wearing to the gym?  You don’t have to spend a lot of money on expensive gym clothes.  Just throw on an old t-shirt, some basketball shorts, and a pair of tennis shoes and you’re good to go.  This makes me want to show up to the gym and work out in a skirt and leggings to see what sort of reaction I’ll get.
Any other characters you notice at the gym that leave you scratching your head?

One thought on “The Gym – Part 3

  1. There might be if I ever went to the gym… Until that day (the apocalypse) comes, though, I'll settle for reading your funny experiences. The cute-girl one is my favorite. Girls do that when they go to the pool, too, and it always makes me laugh… earrings and curled hair and sunglasses and toe rings or ankle bracelets or whatever (are ankle bracelets still in? Was that just the early 2000s? I don't even know).

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