30 Day Challenge: Day 15 – Write 15 Interesting Facts about Yourself

I don’t know if there are 15 interesting things about me, but I’ll try.

I won the BLUEST eyes baby contest for the South Ogden Baby Beauties pageant when I was 2ish years old.

My eyes were really blue when I was little but they’ve faded since

I can do all 5 ballet foot positions only with my feet turned inward instead of outward.

I have a super long tongue.  So long my mom used to call me, “Gene Simmons”

I pierced my navel when I was 19 years old.  The guy pierced it wrong and it always veered off to the right.  It got infected, I took it out after 6 months, but the scar remains, both on the inside and outside of my belly button.  What a waste of $50.

I was in Times Square the day the U.S. dropped bombs in Iraq.  My NYCbestie and I had just come out of a Broadway show and we were caught in the middle of this huge war protest.  I’ve never been in the middle of so many human beings in my life.  A historical day to remember for sure.

The hubs and I actually “met” several times before we officially “met met” and started dating.  One of those times he offered me ice on a particularly hot day and I asked him he had sucked on it first.  He said no, but he could if I really wanted him to.

At one point in my life I was pretty obsessed with the Oscar-wining actress and late Princess of Monaco, Grace Kelly.

Mostly because I just wanted to look like her….

I have very good auditory memory and one of my favorite pastimes is quoting movies.  My brother and I mostly relate and communicate with each other through movie quotes.  Which leads me to….


I can quote the movie “The Princess Bride” verbatim at the right tempo and pace.  Although I still think the book is better than the movie.

Click picture to enlarge and read the quote

Every summer I won the Governor’s Reading Award in Elementary school by reading on average 200 books instead of the required 20.  I just love books, okay?

I own a pair of shoes in every color and I organize them in my closet on the shoe rack according to color.

This isn’t the most current picture since I have added several pairs of boots since this picture was taken, but you get the idea.

Perfect for number 12, I lost 12 pounds the first trimester of my first pregnancy because my “morning” sickness was that bad (they should really call it all day sickness).  I was even so dehydrated at one point that I had to go to the clinic and be put on an IV for 2 hours.  It wasn’t until my 3rd pregnancy that my doctor told me I could take half a Unisom and a B6 vitamin at night to help quell my morning sickness.  A little too late there, doc.

My favorite, or “lucky,” number is 7 because I was born in the 7th month, and I just really like that number. The hubs’s favorite, or “lucky” number is 13.  My parents were married on a Friday the 13th, so that’s a lucky number and day in our family.

I was hospitalized for pneumonia in 3rd grade after a kindergartner pulled the fire alarm and they made us stand outside in the rain for several hours.  I have limp asthma-stricken lungs and they just couldn’t take it.

My second child was born 16 1/2 HOURS after my sister’s second child, even though our due dates were exactly 5 weeks apart.  C was born 1 minute after midnight or else he and E would have the exact same birthday.  That was a big weekend for our parents.

Me and C (in utero) on the left and my sissie and E (in utero) on the right

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