A Daily Truth

Ya’ll know how much I love Brave Girls Club.  Here is a post I found especially poignant and touching and felt like it needed to be shared.

Dear Becoming Girl,

Sometimes the bravest thing we can ever do is to stand in the storm with our heads held high and wait for the storm to pass. Often this is the best thing for us to do, and the very right thing for us to do.

Then sometimes, dear sweet friend, the bravest thing we can do is to walk away from the storm, or even run as fast as we can away from the storm. Even when we are one of the only ones who can even SEE the storm. These are the hardest kinds of storms to walk away from.

We often carry too much guilt to walk away from things that are killing us, especially when no one else can see those things to tell us that it is ok to walk away, or that it is absolutely critical that we walk away. Sometimes our deepest agony is being caused because of things that no one else can see. Sometimes we are being hurt in ways that are so secret, so private…that it is hard to be able to even see how devastating these things are for us because there is no light being shed on them. Often in the darkness, lies are whispered to us, telling us that we deserve the abuse, that we brought it on to ourselves.

Your soul knows though, sweetheart. In the deepest parts of yourself, your soul knows the truth. Your soul longs for light, not darkness. Your soul longs to be cared for, not abused. To walk away from ANY kind of abuse is brave, powerful and critical to the life of your soul.

You can do it, beautiful soul. You can, and you must. NO ONE deserves to be abused, and NO ONE has the right to abuse you.
You are so very very very very loved.

Check them out at Bravegirlsclub.com

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