30 Day Challenge: Day 19- Your biggest regret in life

I really hate to say that I regret anything in life.  I believe everything that is laid in my path, both good and bad, is there to teach me something.  Even poor choices and mistakes I have made have all taught me great life lessons.

But if there is something I do regret it would be…
In 1997, Maya Angelou came and spoke at the Literary Conference at my University.  I had to work that night, couldn’t get anyone to switch me shifts, and was sorely disappointed.  Her book, I know why the Caged Bird Sings, genuinely touched me in high school.  The next day I was walking up a big staircase in the student union building when I noticed a large African American woman in front of me escorted by a man in a dark suit who looked like he could be in the secret service.  I suddenly realized it was Ms. Maya Angelou herself.  I followed behind her and this man for two minutes before they walked out the back-door of the union building.  The entire time I was trying to muster up the courage to talk to her and tell her how much her books, poetry, and movies have meant to me.  In uncharacteristic fashion, I chickened out and it will always be something I regret.  Once they left, I ran over to my group of friends and said, “Omigosh, omigosh, I was just behind Maya Angelou and I chickened out of saying anything to her!”  My friends were all astounded that I was that close to a legend when the boy I was dating at the time said, “Who is Maya Angelou?”  It was at that point I realized I could not marry that boy, and that is something I will never regret.

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