Book Review – Blink of an Eye by Gregg Luke

Blink of An EyeBlink of An Eye by Gregg Luke
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

I read this book for the book club I’m a member of, otherwise I would probably have never picked this up.

The book is about a man named Joseph who is severely injured in a horrible car accident in the first chapter and is in a coma for 3 weeks.  Up until then he thought he had had a fairly good life, but could not remember his early childhood.  With the accident, Joseph dreams horrific nightmares about his early childhood that set him on a journey to find out the truth about his early years.

Part psychological thriller, and part medical drama, this book is about family secrets.  I say this a lot as a social worker, but have found it to be true: you’re only as sick as your secrets.  Joseph’s inner secrets have made him very sick and they manifest in scary ways.

I wanted to like this book more than I did.  This book is from an LDS author and every time Joseph’s religion was mentioned, it took me completely out of the story.  I was also annoyed that the protagonist was too perfect.  No one is that perfect.  The author makes it seem like Joseph has never made a single mistake in his life.  The breeches in client confidentiality between Joseph and his lawyer was something that also rang incredibly untrue to me.

Overall, if you want a quick read that’s not to taxing on the brain, consider picking it up.

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