30 Day Challenge: Day 21 – One of your favorite TV shows

I’m a TV junkie and there is no way I can say I have just one favorite TV show.


This show is almost 30 years old and it is still laugh out loud funny.  When I’m in a sad mood, I’ll queue up an episode on YouTube and it will cheer me right up.  I quote from it often and no one knows what I’m talking about.
I’ve seen every episode.  I can quote several lines from several episodes (example:  Rose: “Can I ask a dumb question?” Dorothy: “Better than anyone I know.”).  And I still laugh out loud every time I watch a rerun.  Which is often since two different channels play GG reruns every night.
This show debuted when I was in high school and this was my high school experience.  I was Angela Chase in high school.  Now when I watch the show, I identify more with Angela’s parents than her.  This is a show I intend to watch and discuss with my kids when they’re teenagers.


Filmed in my home town and set in the fictional town of Everwood, Colorado, this show about a family picking up the pieces of their lives in a small town after their wife and mother dies, is one of my favorite shows that holds a special place in my heart.  When they canceled it after 4 seasons, I literally cried.  I accosted poor Tom Amandes on the streets of Park City telling him how much I missed Everwood.  This was my Mom and I’s favorite show together and for that reason alone it will always be special to me.

I never even watched this show until the writer’s strike a few years ago when it was on high rerun rotation on USA.  Now I think I’ve seen every episode (some multiple times) and I have watched many a mini-marathon of the show.  I just love to watch Stabler beat the crap out of a child molester.
This is the funniest show on television right now.  It is another laugh out loud comedy.  It’s funny, intelligent, and silly.  Three things I love.  And Joel McHale?  I mean, c’mon…he’s gorgeous.
I don’t care what anyone says, I love the American version of this show better than the British version.  I’m not much into fantasy, but this show about a werewolf and vampire trying to ignore their natures to try to be human again has sucked me in.

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