30 Day Challenge: Day 23 – Post pictures of 5 famous people you find attractive

Christian Bale

Oh yeah, baby…I’ve had a crush on him since “Newsies” came out 20 years ago.

Joel McHale

I love him on The Soup and on Community.  An attractive man who’s funny?  Golden.

Adam Levine

I don’t know why….this boy  just does it for me and has ever since Maroon 5’s first album, “Songs about Jane.”

Blair Underwood

Ever since he played one of Miranda’s boyfriends on “Sex and the City,” I have had a crush on this man.  His voice is to die for.

Jason Segal during his Freak and Geek days

Okay, he’s still cute

Honorable Mention:  Christina Hendricks

It’s just nice to see a curvy, voluptuous woman on TV.  And hot dang, she’s pretty.


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