What’s up with "Being Nice vs. Being Kind"?

I wrote this post about the difference between being nice versus being kind back in January.  It was something that had been on my mind for months, actually years, about the colossal difference between those two synonyms.  It must have really resonated with people because every time I check my stats that particular post has more and more page views.  It is my second most viewed post with almost 500 hits.  That’s huge for my tiny little blog.  So I’m suffering a total mind loss over where it is being shared.  Unfortunately blogger isn’t that great with letting you know where exactly page views are coming from.  So, if you have shared this post, linked to this post, will you let me know?  I’d just like to know what the larger reaction to it is.


2 thoughts on “What’s up with "Being Nice vs. Being Kind"?

  1. I guess that post resonates with people because we all struggle with it, some more than others. I thought your definition of the word "nice" was spot on because I frequently put the word "too" in front of "nice." I don't know if you've ever read Hartman's "Color Code," but… well, I am married to a white. 🙂 I tell Bradley all the time that he's too nice. He almost always puts other people's happiness before his own, sometimes to his detriment. Because he is the EQ president, some people know that he won't say no and will take advantage. I think I need to have him read your post, actually!

  2. Very true about "too nice," Lisa! We know so many people like this because they're so caring and want to help everyone. I am familiar with the color code and I was a Blue with yellow overtones. Does that mean I'm green? :-)My grandpa was a white and his motto was "peace at any price." I definitely do not follow this motto because I think you can't have peace without paying a price first. I'm no stranger to confrontation. Which is why I'm not a nice person.

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