Okay, not everything I need to write is super introspective, deep, and meaningful.  Sometimes I just want to write about the silly things about life.  Which leads me to pedicures.

The hubs asked me why I like getting pedicures.  I never had one until he got me a gift certificate to a spa several years back. Now they’ve become my summer ritual.  Since my feet spend a lot of time in socks in the winter, I usually don’t get one between October and March.  Not until it’s definitely sandal weather.

But this winter I’m thinking that even if no one sees my toes, that pedicures will become a must.  Here’s why:  for 30 to 45 blissful minutes I am away from my wonderful children whom I love and adore but need a break from every once and a while, while someone else does something for me.  For those 30 to 45 minutes, I get to read my book and no one really interrupts me.  The nail salon’s pedicure chairs are massage chairs, so not only to I get 30 to 45 minutes to myself reading my book, but I get a back massage as well.  And if I luck out and get the right aesthetician, I get a really good foot massage.  The new color of nail polish and bright shiny toes are really just secondary to all the other good stuff.

And once the hubs learned that the nail salon had massage chairs, no further questions were asked about why I like to get pedicures.  In fact, I think he secretly wants to get one now too.

One thought on “Pedicures

  1. My hubby tried it a couple months back and now LOVES it. If you start your Hubs on them, watch out! You’ll never go alone again 🙂

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