Book Review: Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn


This was my reaction after putting down Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn. I felt like Flynn just took me on the wildest roller coaster ride I have ever been on. This book is a psychological thriller that keeps you guessing at every turn. A huge fan of true-crime and fictional crime novels/stories, I thought I had this book figured out. Every time I did, I was punched in the face with a new twist. I read this 415 page book over the course of probably only 12 hours, if that. I could not put it down. I didn’t want to sleep because I didn’t want to stop reading it. It was that thoroughly engrossing.

This fictional novel begins on Nick and Amy’s five year wedding anniversary. Nick is from Missouri and moves to New York City to become a magazine writer. It is there he meets, falls in love with, and marries Amy. She is a born and bred New York City girl who does not have to work, but does as a writer of magazine quizzes, because her parents are famous children book authors who have made a fortune chronically Amy’s childhood. After two years of marriage, both Nick and Amy lose their writing jobs and move to Nick’s hometown in Missouri to take care of Nick’s dying mother, Alzheimer’s ridden father, and rebuild their lives. The morning of their five year anniversary Amy goes missing and Nick is the number one suspect in her disappearance. This is not your ordinary wife-goes-missing-husband-did-it stories, a la Scott Peterson and Mark Hacking. To say more would be ruining it.

If you can’t stand harsh language, this isn’t the book for you because some parts are very brutal. If you can stand dicey language and are looking for a thrill-ride, this is your book. Flynn is a genius story teller and I’m putting the rest of her novels on hold at the library.

I say again…


One thought on “Book Review: Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn

  1. Well, I can’t resist this NOW! I have read so few books lately that really engross me like that, and I’ve missed it. It seems like that’s how everything used to be, when I was younger, but now it’s so much harder to find. Going to add this to Goodreads immediately.

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