Helping Hands

My best friend has lived in New York City for 12 years.  A year after she moved there 9/11 happened and I spent the better part of the day of September 11, 2001 worrying about her safety.  October 29th of this year, I spent another day, and several days after, worrying about her safety due to Hurricane Sandy.  She was one of the lucky ones.  She is safe and never even lost her power.  I appreciated her constant Facebook updates and text messages letting me know she was okay.  I wish I could be there in New York aiding in the clean-up efforts.  Since I can’t be, I’m glad that members of my church, including one of the hubs’ cousins who is currently an LDS missionary in NYC, are there to offer a helping hand.

Check out this video to see just some of the people who, instead of holding church last Sunday, boarded buses to go help out their fellow brothers and sisters.

This is pure religion.  It is exactly what our savior admonishes us to do.  It reminds me of the scripture found in Matthew 25:35-40

One thought on “Helping Hands

  1. I agree. A large group from my stake is going down this Sat. I have to work otherwise I’d go. I’m hoping to get to go next weekend. I think it’s awesome that they had a shortened meeting on Sunday and then went down and spent the rest of the Sabbath helping people. The people are so grateful for the help, they really are. It’s bad down there.

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