Beating a dead horse

I don’t want to beat a dead horse.  Heaven knows dead horses have already been through enough.  Here, they’re already dead and yet we keep beating them like they’re still alive.  That’s not nice.  Why beat a horse when he’s already dead?  Unless he’s a Zombie horse here to eat your brains, and then well, beating a dead horse is a life saving thing.  I like my brains.  I don’t want them eaten by a Zombie horse.  Hence, why I must beat this dead horse…

That’s my utterly round about and not-to-so-humerous way of saying, when I posted about what it’s like being a liberal Mormon post-unsuccessful Presidential election of a Mormon, I got a lot of positive response from lib-Mos in the same shaky boat as me who felt like they were on the boat alone and were surprised to turn around and see other people there.  I also got a lot of support from conservative Mos who said it was wrong to treat people that way.  But I’ve read on numerous blogs that have hashed and rehashed this ad nauseum and there were some people that questioned whether there were conservative Mormons, or those who voted for Romney, who really did throw some hyperbole, vitriol, and questioning of testimonies at fellow Mos who aren’t conservative and didn’t vote for Romney.  Or if we just made it all up in our pretty little heads.  As much fun as living in an alternate reality is, I prefer my life to be drug free.

Well, not to be all, “see I told ya so” up in here, while beating my Zombie horse so it doesn’t eat my brains (I need those!), I have to post a link to a post notorious Mormon mommy blogger cJane wrote about voting for Obama.  The actual post isn’t important to my point (although I thought her post was exceptionally well-written, and let’s just say I haven’t always agreed with cJane on many, many things), it’s some of the comments that followed her post.  A lot of the comments were supportive, but some of them were just straight up mean – from people claiming to be good Mormons.  I don’t know…I must be a little weird when I believe church leaders when they say the church is politically neutral and there are good things to find in all political parties.  What they really mean is, “vote Republican or take your butt right out of this church immediately, buddy!” right?  Right?!

This is just a sample from the very loving, accepting, Christ-like people who took the time to read cJane’s post, tell her what a horrible person she is, and questioned her testimony and the right to call herself a Mormon.  Geez, with loving brothers and sisters in the Gospel like this, who needs enemies?

“Crap crap crap. As nice and sweet as you tried to make this post sound it is crap. You are trying to sound all nice about supporting a president that supports womens rights and murder. 3rd term partial birth abortions is murder. Please explain to your children that. And that you support that and that it is ok. People like you should not be a mormon in all honesty. Romney is a man of God and would have led this country in the right direction. Obama has led this country completely off course and will continue to do so. I feel sorry for your children and their future and I hate to be the one to tell you this. This post is such crap!!”

And that was one of the ones that wasn’t taken down.  The really hateful ones were removed.


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