New Years Resolutions


Resolutions are funny things.  We make them and then we forget them by February.  In January the gyms and weight loss centers are full of people bound and determined to meet their goals.  I know I’m so guilty of this making resolutions and forgetting them by the middle of January.  That’s why I’ve tried to my make my list of goals manageable and easily achievable.  When I get too overwhelmed, I just give up.  Here’s my list:

1.  Renew my gym membership and start training for a few 5K races.  If I get really ambitious, I might sign up for a 10K.

2.  Read 26 books this year.  That gives me two weeks per book.

3.  Finish our basement (this one really relies more on counting on other people to get things done).

4.  Not buy so many shoes and thin the herd of the ones I have.

5.  Spend lots and lots of cuddle time with my five sweeties.

The End.  That’s all I have energy to think about right now.


One thought on “New Years Resolutions

  1. I think their should be shoe exchanges. I have shoes I want to wear a few times a year, and I like them and don’t want to get rid of them, but should not have them in my very small house. Aren’t there many people around me with the same problem? Surely it can be fixed together. Save the shopping expense too — I shop at your place, you shop at mine. Well, not YOURS, you live to far from me. But someone’s.

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