Baby weight

The tabloids have been all over Kim Kardashian lately for being “so fat” while she’s pregnant.  At least that’s what I’ve ascertained from the tabloids I saw in the supermarket check-out line.  One such dubious publication compared Princess Kate’s pregnancy weight gain to Kim’s.  Hello, they have two completely different body types…it doesn’t take a genius to notice that.  Now, I’m not a fan of any of the sycophantic Kardashians.  I find them repugnant and reprehensible in every way.  But seriously, back the eff off Kim.  She’s growing a human being in her body and every pregnant body reacts differently.  Heck, every pregnancy affects the same body differently (I have anecdotal proof from four of my own pregnancies).

And I’m sure once Kim gives birth those same tabloids will be hounding her to lose the baby weight As. Fast. As. Possible!!!  Because we all know a woman’s worth is in direct proportion to the number on a scale.  Not.  I mean, all the Hollywood magazines and tabloids are filled with mommy stars who worked their butts off (literally) to lose the baby weight and to me, it’s so annoying.  You just brought a life into this world and the most important thing is ignoring that life to spend hours in the gym or an inordinate amount of emotional energy counting calories?  Ugh.

As for me, the baby weight really just melted off after my first two babies.  I was only 22 and 25 and didn’t have to work at it at all.  Just nursing burned all the calories I needed to walk out of the hospital in my pre-baby jeans.  It’s a lot different having a baby in your 30s.  After the birth of my 3rd baby, yeah, nursing took off a lot of weight.  But I was also holding onto a lot of grief weight I gained after my mother’s terminal cancer diagnosis.  Through a lot of hard work and exercise, I was able to take it off.

And the thing is, I just had a baby 4 months ago and she is our last.  Our family is complete.  And I’m trying to savor each sweet moment with her.  I am thoroughly in love with this sweet, sweet girl and her cute smiles and personality.  My oldest just registered for junior high, so I know how fleeting childhood is.  Especially babyhood.  My mom had a poem on my wall growing up and the ending lines were, “I’m rocking my baby and babies don’t keep.”  They really don’t.  So instead of spending time at the gym or agonizing over every last calorie, I’m going to spend that emotional and physical energy savoring every moment I can with my baby.  I can’t even bear to lay her down for her a nap…I just hold her while she sleeps.  She is the reason I have neglected this blog…it’s easy to read a book while I nurse…not so much to type out an essay.

So if anyone wants to judge me or laugh at me for carrying 2o extra pounds after giving birth, they can.  This honey badger don’t give a sh**.  While they’re busing judging and acting like jerks, I will be snuggling and nursing a smiley baby who has the longest eyelashes and denim blue eyes.  I will be playing on the floor with her and reveling in every milestone.  I will be drinking in every baby moment and imprinting memories on my heart and her’s.  She’s growing so fast and I don’t intend to miss a moment.  And that’s worth more to me than slipping back into my pre-baby jeans.


5 thoughts on “Baby weight

  1. ” Because we all know a woman’s worth is in direct proportion to the number on a scale”

    “And that’s worth more to me than slipping back into my pre-baby jeans.”

    Its pretty clear that you find the first statement to be true. If not, you wouldn’t even care if you could ever put them on again.

    1. I don’t know how saying that I’m putting my baby first and not worry about losing weight right now in any way means that I think women’s worth is somehow tied to their weight. I know reading comprehension is hard, but maybe you should try it sometime before taking the time to comment. There are lots of reasons why I would like to fit back into my pre-baby jeans, none of them are your business, and I don’t have to justify myself to a pathetic troll with too much time on their hands.

  2. I love your honey badger ways. No one ever looks back and says, “Man, I wish I spent more time cleaning or losing weight”, but plenty of people regret the time lost on family and especially young children. My house looks presentable, maybe twice a year and that’s only if it is being presented. “Pardon the mess, my children are making memories.”
    Clearly, Janey is an advocate for child neglect. Right? That’s what I gather by the unfounded comment left.

    1. I’ll lose the weight probably after I stop nursing like last time. And I’ll still have as much self-worth as I did before. You’re so right about making memories with your children. I can always lose weight in the future, but I can only rock and nurse my baby right now in this short stage of life.

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